120 Gallon Tank Smoker (Mark II)

From: $4,700.00

To Order: please email us at info@fatstacksmokers.com and PLEASE LEAVE A PHONE NUMBER.

Small footprint, big flavor. The 120 is the ultimate backyard FatStack tank smoker, with a capacity of approximately six 12-15 pound briskets. The same quality barbecue action as our larger pits, this is the Texas-style pit your yard has been asking for.


  • Custom tank made exclusively for Fatstack Smokers!

These tanks have a wall thickness of 1/4″ (with a couple tiny exceptions, all 120 gallon propane tanks are normally less than 3/16″ thick.) These tanks have never been painted, never been filled with propane, and have never seen gages.

  • New Hybrid Firebox! We kept the square firebox design, but added a 3/8″ thick custom curved insert that provides an air gap insulation on the bottom. This allows for an efficient, clean burning fire with an easier to manage, self centering coal bed while still allowing for the griddle top firebox that you all know and love!

These two features combined mean that even temperatures and ease of use is the name of the game! Throw in some sleek new design details like a probe port in the collector and a folding front shelf, and you’ve got the ultimate in backyard stick burners.

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