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It’s here! The moment that you’ve all been waiting for has arrived!

We know you’ve patiently been waiting for the big news we’ve been hinting at over the last couple of weeks…our phone has been ringing off the hook with folks wanting to know the scoop. We’ve been working harder than ever to get everything ready and, well, that hard work has paid off! We’re very proud to announce TWO new products designed to raise the bar when it comes to what you should expect from a backyard smoker.

New Take on an Old Favorite: Meet the FS120, mkII

We loved the performance of our previous FS120, with its generous capacity, versatile griddle-top firebox, and stylish looks. But even though it was already a killer product, I just knew I could do even better. The biggest thing holding us back was the fact that 120 gallon propane tanks are, with very few exceptions, less than 3/16” thick! Now you can make great barbecue on a 120 with a thinner wall, but it’s just not up to my (super high? exacting? maybe a little insane?) standards. So, I went out and built my own tanks! FatStack is the only company to offer a 120 gallon pit fabricated from a brand new, 1/4″ thick steel tank! As you probably know,The extra steel will add to the thermal mass of the smoker, minimizing temperature fluctuation and ensuring it’s brisket weather year round inside your FatStack. These tanks are new; they’ve never stored propane, been painted, or had even valves or gages! Even temps are the name of the game with this new cook chamber, and because they’re custom made for us, they’re currently a FatStack exclusive!!

If head to tail 1/4” construction of an already near perfect smoker wasn’t enough to really set these apart from the competition, I’m not one to leave good enough alone. I thought the firebox was in need of some love. The square firebox is made in part to ensure the volume and footprint is exactly where it needs to be for both a good draw and a good fit for your backyard. The biggest question was whether a backyard unit could benefit from insulation, and it’s a question that kept me up nights for a while!

The Technology of Fire

After more than a year of design, engineering, and testing, I think I’ve found the definitive answer. The mkII comes with a firebox that is a hybrid of sorts. It’s semi-insulated (insulated using only an air gap) along the length of the bottom, and single wall (uninsulated) everywhere else. The inner floor of the firebox is constructed of beefy 3/8″ thick steel plate contoured to the rounded shape of the lower door edge. This accomplishes a few things. First, the rounded profile of the floor automatically centers the coal bed, putting the hot coals directly in the path of the most airflow through the box. Second, the air gap underneath the heavy plate dramatically slows the amount of heat lost through the bottom of the box, allowing you to burn a smaller fire for longer, and achieving very stable temps. Third, the door opening and inner floor are cut to match one another’s shape, making ash cleanout super easy: just toss a pan under the firebox and sweep it out! Finally, leaving the remainder of the firebox uninsulated put the thermal efficiency of this box in a sort of sweet spot for this size of smoker. I’ve found that full insulation at this size is too much insulation: you can’t maintain barbecue temps in the cook chamber without cutting your wood into toothpicks. But having none at all means you need to keep a bigger fire burning, which both uses more fuel and makes fire management trickier. With the floor retaining heat but the walls and top allowing just enough excess energy to bleed off the system, this smoker absolutely cruises at 275 degrees using properly sized splits. And of course, it allows you to use our famous griddle top, so you can grill while you smoke!

Combine the new firebox with the new virgin 1/4” tank, throw in a sleek new frame, folding prep shelf and some extra convenience features like a probe port in the collector and a removable stack, and what you’ve got is hands down the best looking, best performing, and easiest to use backyard offset money can buy!

And this may sound corny, but I’ve seriously always wanted to say this, so here goes…

“but wait there’s more!”

So here’s the thing about making rad offset smokers in crowded, sunny, Southern California: not everyone has 9-10′ of backyard space to to spend on their smoking habit, and some people just wanna throw a brisket or two on for their family and friends without needing to pull a city permit and pour a concrete slab! With this in mind, I set to work on a Texas-style offset small enough to fit almost any budget and back yard…and the result is just plain awesome!

Introducing the all new FS80!

The all-new FS80 is the ultimate in compact, efficient performance. I used the same engineering and design principles that generated the 120 mkII to produce a standard flow smoker capable of fitting neatly into tight quarters while still being able to smoke 2-3 medium briskets! This unit is an incredible value. It features the same hybrid insulation as its big brother, along with all the other great features like a removable stack, probe port, folding shelf…not to mention 1/4″ thick construction all the way around using custom made tanks!

A smoker that fits your budget and yard, while delivering the same uncompromising excellence you’ve come to expect from FatStack? The 80 is an instant classic!

Pricing, Customization, and Availability:

The FS120 mkII will be priced at $3500, and the FS80 will be priced at $2500, so both of these units will represent an incredible value! Due to the nature of our current business model, and the expected demand for these units, we’re currently expanding our production capacity to support units built at these attractive price points. It will take some time to get our newly enhanced production capabilities up to speed, but we want to give you the opportunity to own as close to the first one as possible! To that end, we will begin taking reservations for a spot in the new build line beginning on Monday, August 16, at 9am Pacific! Here’s how it’ll work: the first 300 people to place orders will be able to do so for limited reservations as low as $500. Once you reserve your spot, you’ll be signed up for an 80/120 customer-exclusive email newsletter with progress updates on the new production line, and regular updates as to the status of your reservation! Once the new smokers start rolling off the line, you’ll be assigned a serial number and notified of your pick up date. And some time toward the end of 2022 or very early 2023, you’ll be smoking on the best backyard pit money can buy!

Email us at and leave us your complete contact information including a phone number and we’ll start making calls to receive your reservation fee on a first come, first serve basis!

Need your smoker sooner than that? Contact us at 213.290.5096 to talk to us about entering into our custom line. Pricing and deposit will be different, but you’ll get your smoker sooner!

The new line of smokers will offer the following options, which you’ll choose when you make your reservation:

Wheels: We’ll offer these on 5″ polyurethane casters (standard) or on pneumatic tires and a pull-along cart (upgrade)

Finish: We’ll be building these either in raw steel (standard) or an antique patina/linseed oil finish (upgrade)

Since these will not be manufactured in the same way as our custom smokers, your customized options are limited to these choices.

We can’t wait to get you smoking, and the whole team here is excited to have finally shared the big news!

Until then!

Eric Wech, Founder/Head Pit Smith

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